Flash rahvatants, meet and greet with Estonians born overseas

“Rahvuskaaslased” participants will come together in Tammsaare Park and begin a traditional rahvatants. We will invite passers by to join, introduce ourselves, and discuss our heritage.

Family event

Through the “Rahvuskaaslased” project, we have explored and become reacquainted with the culture and customs of our country of heritage.

As Estonia celebrates its centenary, Estonians born overseas represent an important frontier in the survival and global awareness of our culture and history.

Through this event, we hope to connect with local Estonians, raise awareness of the lives of Estonians overseas, and celebrate our culture and heritage.


Friday Saarelaht

Our event is being organised as part of "Rahvuskaaslased", a project organised by Seiklejate Vennaskond, coordinated by Eesti Noorsootöökeskus, and financed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The project brings together 20 young people with Estonian roots, from all over the world, and 10 local Estonians. The purpose is to learn more about Estonian culture, customs, and language; and to get back in touch with their roots.