Frequently Asked Questions

Who may upload gifts to the website?

All who want to make a gift to Estonia for its 100th birthday may upload the gift to this website.

What does it mean “making a gift” for Estonia? Who is the recipient of the gift?

By making a gift for Estonia you really make a gift for the people of Estonia. Such activities, ventures and items are suitable, which offer joy to our countrymen, change their life for the better and happier and create a more secure future for our children. It does not matter whether it is a big or small gift, it is more important that this gift comes from the heart and creates some kind of a positive change.

Why do I have to upload my gift to this website?

This page provides you with an opportunity to attract attention, contributors and assistance in realising your gift. However, when you already have all you need for the realisation of the gift, just upload the gift idea here to inspire others. This way we can all see what kind of gifts are made for Estonia for its birthday and who knows, perhaps your gift serves as an inspiration source for someone!

Is it possible to also add initiatives dedicated to the celebrations of the birthday of the Republic of Estonia, which take place in foreign countries?

Yes. Here you can let us know about your gift idea also in case the initiative takes place outside of Estonia.

Why does someone have to approve my gift?

We hope that this little intermediate phase does not upset anyone. On one hand, it is necessary to keep away malicious people. On the other hand, this is precisely the way each gift attracts the attention of the organising committee of the EV 100 and we can offer you advice, contacts or other necessary means to encourage the realisation.

How is the realisation of gifts financed?

The organisers will be responsible for carrying out the gifts. At the same time, this website provides an opportunity to attract attention and ask for help. We are also about to draw the attention of the companies towards the gifts and ask them to support the realisation of gifts, if possible. We strongly recommend to initiate a funding campaign in the EV 100 column in Hooandja. Also, special application phases are being prepared to carry out the EV 100 ideas. Join the newsletter to be informed at an early stage.

What kind of event is suitable for the EV 100 birthday programme?

All events are suitable that are organised to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia, are public and offer a chance to celebrate the birthday of the Republic of Estonia. The event should offer joy, satisfaction and positive emotions both for the organisers as well as participants. Events that incite hatred and hostility are not welcomed in this programme.

Can I use the EV 100 logo when I advertise my event?

If the event is organised for the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia and has been approved and made it to the programme, the EV 100 logo can be used. The logo will be ready by the beginning of 2016, at the latest.

Can I use the EV 100 logo on my products?

Companies and organisations can use the logo for commercial purposes only if the same company or organisation also supports the realisation of any gift on this page. The EV 100 logo accompanied by a more detailed user manual will be ready by the beginning of 2016, at the latest. Join the EV 100 newsletter to be informed about the completion process of the logo.