Global Estonian Community Portal :

An online tool for Global Estonian cultural, heritage, business and other organziations: where they are and what they're doing.

Global Estonian brings together all of the global Estonian organizations, including those who work in areas of culture, heritage, business and more, into one central directory. It allows Estonian groups, no matter how large or small, to have a web presence for their groups and events, and connects them with likeminded groups around the world.

What can Global Estonians do on

Estonian organizations can create an account and create a professional web presence with photo and multimedia uploads, news, events and other information to share with their networks, social media and in the Global Estonian vitrual community.

Estonian e-Residents can find real, live Estonians near them, anywhere in the world, and learn about the new virtual country they've taken residence in. If you have a business or group, you can post it here and create your own community.

Estonians can map out their own family histories using the sister portal, Kultuurirajad.

Users and groups can use their account to create event webpages, with rich multimedia and share them with Estonians locally and around the world on social media and elsewhere. Now all Estonian community groups can create professional event pages without any costs.

Business and employment ads
Estonians and e-Residents around the world can connect and share business and employment opportuntities.

Groups and organizations can post their news and related multimedia on their webspace and share to a global audience.


The platform has already been built as a non-profit project of Liefa Communications Inc. of Canada with the leadership of Tarmo Saks and Marcus Kolga. It will be launched in May 2018.

We need Estonians around the world to add their groups and organizations. If their group already exists, please email us at so that we can connect you with your page!


Marcus Kolga

Olen Torontos sündinud eestlane, Emmaste ja Ridala päritoluga.

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