Go Europe

It is a Pro European tour from Lisbon to Tallinn -one person by foot, one person by bicycle. Duration is one year and it will end in Tallinn on the 28th of Oktober 2018.

From Lisbon to Tallinn
An idea, its realisation and European encounters
Carsten Witt and his son Jakob have embarked upon a European journey early November 2017. Its goal: Tallinn. They are expected to arrive there at the end of October 2018. Both are on their way in the true sense of the word. Carsten is walking on foot, Jakob is cycling. Their routes are also different. While the father is trekking through the western countries, the son has made a bee-line east to Lisbon.
Speed and physical abilities are limited – the opportunities for personal encounters and to experience nature are not. Neither of them are trekking or cycling on the motorway, but both of them are following the same constructive-minded track: What do we have to do in all European countries, cities and municipalities, as citizens, to intensify a peaceful and sustainable Europe through exciting and multifaceted partnership with our neighbouring countries?
Personal exchange on expectations & disappointments, problems & solutions, established & new ideas can draw us closer to the answers to these great challenges. The initiative Go Europe! wants to contribute to this. This is why Carsten and Jakob are moving slowly through nearly all European countries, always in conversation with people they usually meet by chance. But sometimes they are being expected at their next stop. The channels of communication are short nowadays – especially when there is something “extraordinary” to be reported. Go Europe! will present a public account of this unusual journey in persona, with pictures, texts and music in the Estonian capital at the end of October.
By the way: Estonia and Tallinn have been part of this journey right from the very beginning. Where will the journey lead? you’d like to know. Of course you will find out all about the cultural diverse and colourful Estonia.

Carsten Witt and Jakob Sonnenholzner are hiking and cycling for one year from Lisbon to Tallinn,trying to reach on two different routes as many european countries, cities and capitals as possible. The final of the tour is in Tallinn on the 28th of October 2018



Go-Europe is a project which is about the connection, communication and the support of uniting the people of Europe,beyond borders, appreciating the different cultures, languages and its richness. The founder is Dr. Carsten Witt is walking from Lisbon to Tallinn. He will reach Tallinn on the 28th of October 2018. We would love to gift this project to Estland for its Anniversary. http://www.go-europe.eu/index.php