Grove of national trees

The cultural societies of minorities in north-eastern Estonia have a centenary gift to Estonia: a grove of national trees on new public greens in the border town of Narva, to symbolise diversity.

Estonia is home to people of more than 192 nationalities. Ida-Viru County in north-eastern Estonia is home to people of more than 30 nationalities. Their national cultural societies come together in the form of the County Governor's Round Table. The Government supports the cultural activities of minorities through the Ministry of Culture in order to help minorities preserve their languages and cultural traditions.

The Round Table of National Cultural Societies and NGO Ida-Virumaa Integratsioonikeskus, in cooperation with Narva Town Government, plan to create, as a centenary gift to all the people of Estonia, a grove of the nationalities of Estonia by planting 37 different species of trees as symbols of the largest minority groups living in Estonia. Beside each tree is a metal plaque with a QR code that points to a website containing information about the relevant nationality and their national tree.

The theme park is open to the public and has permanent cultural and tourist value.


Ida-Virumaa Integratsioonikeskus MTÜ

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