Half-a-hundred giant boulders in Harju County

Our gift is a map of all the glacial erratics in Harju County.

While a boulder is a boulder, each one differs from others in its shape and colour. There are 52 glacial erratics greater than 25 metres in circumference found in Harju County. While the majority are located in the eastern part of the county, there are also some on the Pakri peninsula and in Kose Rural Municipality. Some are hidden in the forest, while others are located in the residential areas of Tallinn. The most famous glacial erratics have been visited by thousands of people, but there are some that even locals struggle to find. While the locations of protected glacial erratics are shown in registers and on maps, such maps can be inaccurate when accessed from a smartphone.

Discovering the boulders in your neighbourhood is exciting and we want share this excitement with others. Therefore, we want to map all glacial erratics in Harju County and to create a QR code for each one to make it easier to find them when hiking. All codes are published in a brochure; users can take a picture of the codes of the boulders they want to visit.

I etapi tegevsutega alustasin veebruaris 2017. Harjumaa, sh Tallinna, kõikide hiidrändrahnude otsimise ja leidmisega olen lõpusirgel . Viiekümne kahest on puudu vaid kaheksa, nende juurde plaanin jõuda mais ja juunis. II etapina, maist septembrini 2017, kontrollin QR-koodide õigsust ja vastavust kaardimaterjaliga. Selleks tuleb uuesti hiidrahnude juurde minna. III etapp - oktoober - detsember 2017 trükise kujundamine ja trükkimine. IV etapp - jaanuar -veebruar 2018, teavitamine, et matka-aastaks on valminud uus abimaterjal.

Vajan abi hiidrahnude piltide ja ruutkoodidega trükise kujundamisel, trükkimisel ja nende tegevuste rahastamisel. Mul kogemus on, et väikesest voldikutaolisest trükisest on hea ruutkoode pildistada.


Kersti Lepik