Estonia 100 hiking series

Extensive hiking series dedicated to Estonia's centenary celebrations starts off in April, which will provide a great opportunity for those interested in discovering places to hike in Estonia. The official opening of the Estonia 100 hiking series was announced on 7 April at the Matkamess Outdoor Trade Fair.

Starting in April, and throughout the centenary year there will be organised hikes on waterways, hikes in nature reserves and adventure hikes, open water and heritage hikes, nature observation, mushrooming and berry picking hikes, bog hikes, car and other motorised vehicle hikes and also kick-sled and skate hikes. In addition, in August, RMK, the State Forest Management Centre, will also invite people onto their hiking trails.

The Estonia 100 hiking series is being organised by the Estonian Hiking Association, the Estonia 100 Organising Committee at the Government Office of Estonia, and the State Forest Management Centre. The hiking series will be officially declared open on 7 April at the Matkamess Outdoor Trade Fair in Tallinn, where you can receive more information on all kinds of hiking possibilities in Estonia. Pre-registration for hikes in the series was opened on 24 March.

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Eesti Matkaliit koordineerib EV100 juubelimatku.