Hippie Revolution

A theatre production part of the Estonian theatres project Centennial Story that focus on the years 1970-80.

Mikhail Durnenkov

A stage production of Ugala Theatre and R.A.A.A.M. in the “Story of the Century” theatre series. The action takes place in the years 1970–1980.

A heroic poem about the journey of Estonian psychonauts into the heart of the Soviet Union.

The year is 1972. Woodstock has already taken place, the Beatles have split up, yet flower power rules and the Western world sways to the rhythm of the Age of Aquarius. Vinyl record by record and one pair of jeans at a time, hippie culture infiltrates the Iron Curtain. They have communes over there, here we have the sistema (system). Over there they have the Vietnam War, over here we have the Soviet regime. They have free self-expression there, here we have the KGB, the militia and madhouse doctors. Over there they have LSD, here we have the stain remover Sopals. The psychedelic trips of hippies from Estonia take them to Central Asia as well as the unimaginable recesses of the inner cosmos. One thing that was, is and will remain is the nonviolent aim to penetrate the heart of the totalitarian regime and destroy the Soviet Union.

What is the centre of the Soviet Union?
Red Square is the centre of the Soviet Union.
What is the centre of the world?
You are the centre of the world.
“Make love, not war.”

The play Hippie Revolution is based on Vladimir Wiedemann’s works Maagide kool (School for Magicians) and Püha Kaljukitse radadel (On the Paths of the Sacred Capricorn), and on the recollections of Estonian and Soviet hippies.
Premiere in the Ugala big hall in February of 2018.

Author: Mikhail Durnenkov
Translator: Tiit Alte
Director: Juri Kvjatkovski
Set designer: Oksana Peretruhhina
Music: Peeter Konovalov

Practically the entire Ugala troupe appears in this production.


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