Hirvo Surva: We will be giving Estonia the gift of a hug on 24 February at 20.18! Published: 21.02.2018

All of the people of Estonia could offer their loved ones a hug on 24 February at 20.18, said Hirvo Surva, Chairman of the Management Board of the Eesti Meestelaulu Selts, today, at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, after placing a blue-black-white hat on the head of the statue of Gustav Ernesaks.

Today, in honour of the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, the Eesti Meestelaulu Selts, along with Estonian Public Broadcasting, placed a blue-black-white hat on the head of the statue of Gustav Ernesaks at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Tomorrow, more than 20 symbolic figures across Estonia will be adorned with their own blue-black-white hats and scarves.

During the early morning hours of 22 February, more than 20 well-known sculptures across Estonia will be decorated with a scarf or hat: Kissing Students (Tartu), Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald (Võru), Jakob Hurt (Tartu and Põlva), Karl August Hermann (Põltsamaa), Boy with a Fish (Haapsalu), Hitchhiker (Paide), Kalevipoeg (Tartu), Swedish Lion (Narva), Tarvas (Rakvere), Hämarik (Tallinn), Nipernaadi (Valga), Kristjan Jaak Peterson (Tartu), Linda (Tallinn), Lydia Koidula (Pärnu), Young Man on Bicycle Listening to Music (Rakvere), Johan Laidoner (Viljandi), Glory to Work (Kohtla-Järve), Man and the Cosmos (Sillamäe), Head of Rapla (Rapla) and General Tõnisson (Jõhvi). On 22 February, 14 photo-sculptures of former heads of state, in their places of birth, will also receive blue-black-white scarves.

PHOTOS: Statue of Gustav Ernesaks with blue-black-white hat

The Republic of Estonia is celebrating its centenary in 2018. Centenary Week, taking place from 19-25 February, will take the festivities across Estonia. The programme of events can be viewed here https://www.ev100.ee/en/estonia-100-centennial-week

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