Hunters Reunion festival "100 in Pärnu"

Hunters reunion festival “100 in Pärnu” is held 6th-8th of July in Pärnumaa county. The event is devoted to EV100th anniversary and holds on to the old hunting traditions.

Family event

We are very glad to invite You to our 38th hunters reunion celebration, that is taking place from 6th to 8th of July in Pärlselja, Pärnu county, Estonia.


This year the „hunters festival“ is legendary for many reasons. Its been allready 50 years since the first hunters reunion celebration event was held. The event is devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Republic and is themed as „100 in Pärnu“. The event will have features from the previous century and holds on to the old hunting traditions.


Hunters reunion event has usually been held in different regions of Estonia and the local hunting clubs help to organise it. The event has diferent features every year depending on the characteristic features of the region. This year, after some time it will be hosted near the seaside and if the weather holds, we will have a record number of visitors (last year there were about 5300 people, hunter with the families etc together).


Usually the event relies on three different activities. There is sport competitions (hunting related), training/educational lectures & entertainment. The main day will be Saturday, 8th of July, which has the most activities. On the spot of the event there will also be a little fair (different local traders and some from baltic region as well).


During the weekend we will have interesting activities to all the participants. So come and spend 100th in Pärnu.


All the information is on our website (in estonian):


Eesti Jahimeeste Selts

Eesti Jahimeeste Selts on esindusorganisatsioon, mis ühendab 11 000 jahimeest üle Eesti. EJS täidab muude ülesannete kõrval ühiskondlikku tellimust ulukite arvukuse reguleerimisel, mille üheks eesmärgiks on viia miinimumini ulukite tekitatud kahjud maa- ja metsamajandusele ning kalavarudele.