I fjordene klinger det - Estland 100

A festival in Trondheim (Norway) celebrating Estonian folk dance and music tradition through 100 years. The audience learns traditional dances, can buy handwork - activities for entire family!

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

This event is for Estoniand and Norwegians to celebrate the birthday of our small country. It is organised by two Estonian folk dance groups in Norway - Vikings (Viikingid) and Trolls (Trondheimi Trollid). Viikingid are located in Oslo while Trolls in Trondheim.

In addition to these two groups, Estonian folk dance groups from neighbouring countries will participate as well as a choir from Estonia. Folk musicians from Estonia secure live music to dances and master Meelis Kihulane will teach how to use wood for making interesting figures. The day ends with simman (traditional folk party) for the participants.

The programme will introduce various folk dances through Estonia's 100 years' history and tell the story how the dances have evolved with the time. The audience will be taught some easier classic folk dances.

The purpose of the event is to strengthen the local Estonian community, build bridges with other foreign Estonians and also have the opportunity to celebrate Estonia's 100th birthday with local community and their Norwegian families introducing this important milestone in Estonia's history also in Norway.


Kadri-Liis Wist ja Maria Djomina

Oleme kaks Norras elavat energilist naist, kellele meie kodumaa folkloori hoidmine väljaspool Eesti piire on olulise tähtsusega. Kadri-Liis on olnud Eesti Kooli asutamise juures nii Oslos kui Trondheimis, samuti on tema lapsukesed rahvatantsurühmad Oslos (Viikingid) ning Trollid Trondheimis. Maria leidis tee meie rahvakultuuri juurde mõned aastad tagasi. Viikingite ja Trollide ühisel jõul soovime teha meie kodumaale kingituse 100ndaks juubeliks.