An Instrument for Every Child

The joint gift “An Instrument for Every Child” was fuelled by the dream that every child in Estonia should have an opportunity to learn a musical instrument. 


Take a look at the 2015-18 results' protocols here.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of playing an instrument; it has a significant role in children’s emotional education, in shaping their aesthetic taste and developing creativity. The mapping of the instrument collections of musical education institutions revealed a great need for new instruments. Many of the instruments that are actively used in educational institutions have been damaged by wear and tear, and the study of some instrument types has been neglected due to the unavailability of instruments. The aim of the joint gift “An Instrument for Every Child” is to upgrade, in cooperation with the private sector, the instrument collections of the institutions that offer musical education to children and young people.

The target group of the joint gift includes any institutions offering musical education, such as traditional music schools and youth orchestras, as well as youth centres, culture centres and music groups in general education schools. There are no limitations in terms of musical styles. The joint gift enables musical and hobby education institutions to apply for funding of the purchase of musical instruments. All acquired instruments will remain in shared use in the particular group.

Initiators of the gift program

Implementation of the gift program is overseen by the following representative organisations of musical education:

  • Estonian Union of Music Schools;
  • Estonian Wind Music Society;
  • Estonian Symphony Orchestras Association;
  • Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Union;
  • Estonian Traditional Music Centre.

We encourage local businesses and communities to contribute to the gift program by supporting the fundraising initiative for buying musical instruments in their local area. 

We thank all kind supporters of the initiative!

  • Mati Heinsar (im memoriam)
  • AS Toode
  • MR Stuudio
  • SA Lauluväljak



For any inquieries please contact:
Allan Tamme
“An Instrument for Every Child” Project Manager
+372 5668 0200

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