International Youth Language Festival

International event for high school and early university students to let them learn more about various languages and cultures held in Estonia and representing Estonian language as part of the program.

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

The First International Festival for high school and freshmen university students will be held in Narva-Joesuu. It is orginised by the board of the IOL (International Olympiad in Linguistics, The programme will consist of several series of presentations of languages of the world (Estonian included) led by professional linguists from different countries aiming at showing the young people the diversity of linguistic and ethnographic features of those languages. The idea is to let the participants see and feel that world languages and cultures are different but equally beautiful and important for the future of humanity no matter where the language is spoken and how many speakers it has. Listeners will learn about the hard work being done by the linguists of the world to prevent the languages with smaller number of speakers from extinction, and about equally interesting projects on studiyng the languages with bigger number of speakers. Estonian language will be represented by a number of lectures and master-classes for beginners, as well as with several lectures on history and culture of Estonia, making a special accent on the long and finally fruitful struggle of estonian people for independence.

July 5, Thursday. Start!

17.00 Opening ceremony, introductory (Stanislav Gurevich)


6 июля, Friday.

9.15 Estonian 1 (Polina Оskolskaya)

10.30 Latvian 1 (Natalia Perkova)

11.45 Arabic (Аnton Somin)

13.00 Georgian 1 (Ivan Derzhanski)

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Ukrainian 1 (Olena Siruk)

16.45 Brazilian Portuguese 1 (Bruno l’Astorina)

18.00 Estonian 2


July 7, Saturday.

9.15 Estonian 3

10.30 Latvian 2

11.45 Arabic 2

13.00 Georgian 2

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Ukrainian 2

16.45 Brazilian 2

18.00 Latvian 3


July 8, Sunday.

9.15 Arabic 3

10.30 Georgian 3

11.45 Ukrainian 3

13.00 Brazilian 3

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Valencian 1 (Stanislav Gurevich)

16.45 Polish 1 (Michał Śliwiński)

18.00 Swedish 1 (Natalia Perkova)



July 9, Monday.

9.15 Hindustani 1 (Ivan Derzhanski)

10.30 Adyghe 1 (Anton Somin)

11.45 Guarani 1 (Bruno l’Astorina)

13.00 Valencian 2

14.00 Lunch

15.30 Polish 2

16.45 Swedish 2

18.00 Hindustani 2


July 10, Tuesday.

9.15 Guarani 2

10.30 Polish 3

11.45 Adyghe 2

13.00 Swedish 3

14.00 Lunch

15.30 - … final talks, celebrations.


July 11, Wednesday.

10.00 Departure.


Stanislav Gurevich

I'm Stanislav, an estonian-born russian citizen living in Spain. I represent International Olympiad in Linguistics for high-school students here. I can call myself a fan of Estonia, still coming there every year and travelling a lot round the country. I hope to be able to bring my share to the EV100 project.