Jõulusimman at the Schuman roundabout in Brussels

With „Jõulusimman” we will celebrate the soon ending Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU and and the beginning of the 100th anniversary year of the Republic of Estonia.

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

„Jõulusimman” is a Christmas spirited get-together at the Schuman roundabout with a touch of Estonian traditions. During the day, you will hear Estonian traditional and choral music, learn some traditional dance steps and taste some typical Estonian snacks.

Activities throughout the afternoon and the evening:
15.00 – book exchange fair – bring your own to change for something new
18.00 – Concert by EEB II Youth Choir and The Brussels Estonian Community Choir
19.00 – Garmon ensemble and folk dancers
19.30 – Ambassador’s greetings followed by a concert by Estonian folk music group Kiiora

The name “Kiiora” derives from Seto epic “Peko”, sung by Anne Vabarna. In this epic of the small nation from South-East Estonia, this oak axe was given to the protagonist Peko by his father to use it in a war against his enemies and to make the fields of rye grow well. Today, it is the name of the sceptre of Peko’s viceregent in this world – the ülemsootska or the king of the Seto people. In addition to many well-known Seto dance tunes, we aim to compose our repertoire of less-known versions of famous tunes and folk music from all the Finno-Ugric peoples. This multicultural panorama of fresh melodies and original arrangements as well as our own original compositions prove that folk music is fascinating no matter where it’s from.


Eesti Alaline Esindus Euroopa Liidu juures

Eesti Alaline Esindus Euroopa Liidu juures koordineerib EV100 kultuuriprogrammi Belgias ja Luksemburgis.