The journey of the armoured train reaches Valga Published: 24.01.2019

Major victories of the War of Independence are celebrated with commemorative ceremonies, the arrival of the armoured train and the Metsatöll concert at Valga railway station on 31 January.

‘The Battle of Paju that took place in Valgamaa in 1919 was one of the decisive ones in the Estonian War of Independence,’ said Margus Kasterpalu, head of Major Events of Estonia 100. ‘In order to celebrate the Battle of Paju and the liberation of Valga, the armoured train will arrive in Valga on 31 January, followed by a concert,’ added Kasterpalu.
According Margus Lepik, Mayor of Valga Municipality, a dense and diverse program has been set up to recall historical events in Valga. ‘In the morning, remembrance ceremonies will take place in Valga's St. John's Church, Paju Manor and the Paju monument,’ specified Lepik.

As the armoured train reaches Valga railway station at 1.45 p.m., concerts by the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces and Metsatöll will follow after welcoming the train. See the whole programme in Valga here:


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