The joy of song reaches all corners of the world during Estonia 100 summer celebrationPublished: 19.08.2018

The Estonia 100 sing-along will take place on the evening of Sunday, August 19, at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and at more than 40 venues across Estonia. The Police and Border Guard Orchestra will also begin its concert tour “Mööda Piiri” (“Along the Border”) through Estonia’s border areas.

Photo: Aron Urb/Estonia 100

“Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week music events provide opportunities to celebrate the anniversary with family and friends,” said  Estonia 100 Major Events Head Margus Kasterpalu from the State Chancellery. There are over 40 venues across Estonia where one can join in the Estonia 100 sing-along taking place on August 19 at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds,” added Kasterpalu. 

According to Kasterpalu, everyone is welcome to join in, no matter where they may be. “For this purpose, we have created the opportunity to join the global choir via mobile app or on our website. One can join the United global choir of Estonian people anywhere in the world,” added Kasterpalu. 

The Estonia 100 sing-along takes place on August 19 at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds with simultaneous sing-alongs in over 40 parishes across Estonia. A list of all sing-along venues can be found at the Estonia 100 website subpage “Laulupesad üle Eesti” A live broadcast of the event allows anyone in Estonia or abroad to join in via our website or by tuning in to Estonian Television. Registration is possible via the Estonia 100 mobile app ( or website (, direct link:

The mobile app which helps the global choir come together was created by telecommunications company Telia Estonia as a centenary gift to the Republic of Estonia. The Estonia 100 sing-along “The Power of Song” and the follow-up concert “The Buzz of the Century”, both organised by Nargenfestival, begin at 7 p.m. Ticket information for the Tallinn Song Festival Ground event is available at Piletilevi online ticket office

A selection of events on Day 3 of the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week: 

•    4 p.m. - beginning of Police and Border Guard Orchestra tour “Mööda piiri” (“Along the Border”) at Sillamäe Eight concerts at various locations will see new music performed by the Police and Border Guard Orchestra, Tõnis Mägi, Liisi Koikson, Ott Lepland, Mari Kalkun, Karl-Erik Taukar and Mari Jürjens, directed by Hando Põldmäe. All concerts are free of charge.
•    8 p.m. - start of RMK group hike bonfire evening at the Soomaa National Park Visitor Centre. Hikers and all others interested can enjoy a talk about Mart Saar and the nature of Soomaa by Hendrik Relve. Event is free with registration
•    8 p.m. - traditional annual song festival “Vaba Rahva Laul” at Paide Vallimägi Singers include Marko Matvere, Siiri Sisask, Koit Toome, Nele-Liis Vaiksoo, Boris Lehtlaan, Valter Soosalu, Oliver Leppik and others. More than a thousand choir singers from all over Estonia will also take the stage. Accompaniment by Urmas Lattikas Band.
•    9 p.m. - start of Tour d’ÖÖ in Kuressaare. This is the third group bike ride commemorating the centenary
•    9 p.m. - an RMK group hike event at the Võsu campsite. Actor Guido Kangur and actress Harriet Toompere will tell stories about the Pikakose summer cottage. Music performance by UMA. Event free with registration
•    On August 19 there will be a volleyball match between two countries both celebrating their centenary; Estonia and Latvia face off at the European Volleyball Championship Qualification

During the Estonia 100 centenary year, the anniversary of Estonian re-independence will be celebrated with a Grand Celebration Week which will bring Estonian people and their friends together at major public events. The Estonia 100 week of summer celebrations kicks off on August 17 with the first Estonian Poetry Festival in Rakvere and comes to a close August 25 with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all across Estonia. All of the more than 200 Grand Celebration Week events can be found at

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