Documentary "Roots"

A feature documentary by 6 Estonian female directors that is part of the Estonia 100 film programme.

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Documentary "Roots" tells six very personal stories - a first, big love, the loss of a child, ageing, infidelity, fragile relationships with close ones. Six different views on what our family and environment has left in us and what we leave behind. The authors are six Estonian female directors between the ages 29 and 61 who are also mothers, daughters and wives. And why not lovers and world travellers. The film takes place in Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Thailand and Estonia.

Stories and authors:

A POEM ABOUT LOVE / directed by Nora Särak
WAITING FOR A MIRACLE / directed by Aljona Suržikova
WOMBSTONE / directed by Kersti Uibo
40 YEARS LATER / directed by Moonika Siimets
WITH MOM AT THE MONASTERY / directed by Anna Hints
MY FLESH AND BLOOD / directed by Heilika Pikkov

"Roots" is being screened in the frame of the centenary programme of the Republic of Estonia.

Producer: Ülo Pikkov
Animations: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Film score: Maarja Nuut, Hendrik Kaljujärv
Production company: Silmviburlane
Supported by: Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Public Broadcasting
Country: Estonia
Year of production: 2018
Length: 102 min
Screening format: DCP, Blu-ray
Language: Estonian, Russian, English
Subtitles: Estonian, Russian, English


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