Kivinukude suguvõsa lugu

The Kivinukud are participating in the Estonia 100 campaign called „Estonia is Dancing“ to spread the joy of dance as well as to preserve the significant locations for the family.

Our folk dance group Kivinukud is formed by nine women who all belong to the same family. By the way, Kivinukk is our family name which translates as Stone Doll – therefore, Kivinukud literally means Stone Dolls. The group has been active since 2011 when we participated in the 1st Women’s Folk Dance Festival. Additionally we have created dance pieces and choreography for various festivities in our family. One of the main objectives of the dance group is continuity and its mission is to carry on the message about the importance of the family. If you wish to get a better glimpse of our activities please visit here:

As part of the Estonia 100 programme the Kivinukud wish to send their birthday greetings by participating in the campaign „Eesti tantsib“ („Estonia is Dancing“). The campaign has been initiated to encourage presenting a dance piece created especially for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Through their participation the Kivinukud wish to spread their joy of dance but also to preserve the family’s history as a video recording in order to maintain the heritage of the family. In order to do that various locations in West Estonia that carry significant meaning for the family were video-recorded and pieced together as a short movie which mirrors the spirit of our family and captures the current appearance of the sites.

-          The photos in the gallery were captured by Rainer Must.
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Please help us share our video.



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