Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul at London Art Night

Marianne Jõgi is participating at London Art Night Festival with her installation "Interaural Contour I". The project is presented by curator Hanna Laura Kaljo.

Family event

"Interaural Contour I" is an intimate architectural installation, an acoustically active environment, whose mathematical structure promotes relaxation, wellbeing, and supports learning. Substantiated by neuroscientific research and drawing from artist Marianne Jõgi’s background in music theory, sculpture and engineering, the event offers a particular sensorial experience. "Interaural Contour I" is accompanied by composer Ülo Krigul’s sound work Water Itself, which bridges meditational practice and concert music. Pointing to the connectivity between our inner vibrations and those in outer space, the project invites us to consider the reciprocity between the psychological and physical, the personal and environmental, as ultimately sustaining our healthful, earthly dwelling.

Session starts every hour on Saturday from 8pm to 1am and on Sunday from 11am to 4pm.
Session running time: 50 minutes
Pre-registration required here for Saturday and here for Sunday. Walk-ins will be admitted depending on capacity.


Eesti Kaasaegse Kunsti Arenduskeskus/Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center

The Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) is a nonprofit foundation focused both on fostering international exposure for artists from Estonia and on developing the contemporary art scene in Estonia. Functioning as an umbrella organization for Estonian partner institutions, the center is creating strategic international partnerships in the field of contemporary art.