Monumental nature film „The Wind Sculpted Land“​​​​ premieresPublished: 26.09.2018

Director Joosep Matjus' latest nature documentary „The Wind Sculpted Land“ is dedicated to the wilderness of the 100-year-old republic and brings a lot of previously unseen moments of Estonian nature to the screen.

Kaader filmist. Foto: Tuulte tahutud maa / The Wind Sculpted Land

According to Tiit Pruuli, a member of the Estonia 100 steering group, filmmakers Joosep Matjus and Atte Henriksson captured unique scenes for the film over the course of three years.

They were able to capture truly special moments from around us and make Estonian nature shine on screen. We are extremely grateful for this film having been completed, since Estonians' connection with nature is important and needs to be preserved, Pruuli emphasized.

Director Joosep Matjus is convinced that every Estonian should see this new documentary.

Being better acquainted with the nature of our homeland enriches us all. I hope that the animals and birds seen in the film will become even more familiar to viewers and will inspire them to notice the nature around them more, Matjus said.

The nature film, produced as part of the Estonia 100 programme captures special moments in Estonian nature. Commonly seen, as well as rare animals and birds have been captured, as well as spectacular landscapes.

There are extraordinary scenes in the film, which I don't recall ever seeing captured as such in Estonian films before. My favorite moment is a pack of wolves walking over a flood meadow. The wolf is a very cautious animal, who doesn't appear in front of a camera very often, even though it is our national animal, producer Riho Västrik said.

The world premiere of The Wind Sculpted Land will take place on September 21 at the Matsalu Nature Film Festival. The film can be seen at Apollo and Cinamon cinemas all over Estonia on September 28. In Tallinn, it will also be running at the Artis and Sõprus cinemas, and in Tartu at Ekraan and Tartu Elektriteater. The nature documentary will be screened in many smaller places all over Estonia as well, via the cinema network.

The filmmakers will meet with viewers at the following screenings:

  • September 26 at 6 pm, the Tallinn premiere at the Artis cinema with director Joosep Matjus.
  • September 29 at 4 pm at the Mustamäe Apollo cinema with producer Katri Rannastu.
  • September 29 at 6:30 pm at the Sõprus cinema with producer Katri Rannastu.
  • September 29 at 7 pm at Tartu Elektriteater with director Joosep Matjus.
  • September 30 at 7 pm at the Tartu Lõunakeskus Apollo cinema with director Joosep Matjus.

The film's producers are Riho Västrik, Katri Rannastu and Atte Henriksson. The sounds of the wilderness were recorded by Veljo Runnel, the original music was written by the band Eeter. The film's producer is WildKino.

The Wind Sculpted Land is the second documentary film in the official Estonia 100 film programme. A total of five feature films, a full-length animated film, two documentaries and a television series will be completed for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Read more about the Estonia 100 film program here.

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