MuSada - Portraits of the Estonian independence

MuSada is an exhibition by a Chilean artist Izak Mora which is dedicated to Estonia's centenary celebrations.  

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

Izak Mora (Chile, July 4, 1986) is a Chilean photo-realist architect and painter based in Estonia. Izak, who builds a visual discourse based on free hand graffiti, has exhibited his work in his native country, Chile, as well as in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Latvia or Peru.

MuSada is a tribute to the independence of Estonia in its centenary, taking the most representative historical landmarks of this Baltic country from 1918 to the present from the unique perspective of this Chilean artist. I wanted to make a play on words with both languages, my mother tongue, Spanish, and Estonian.The title of the exhibition comes from Mu Sada (Minu Sada). I decided to join these two words because in Spanish it sounds like "muse", "muuse" in Estonian, highlighting that Estonia and its history were the muse that inspired this pictographic.

A painting of the exhibition will be donated. This painting is a metaphors of the excellent bilateral relations between Chile and Estonia and commemorates Chile's bicentennial and Estonia's first century of independence. 



The Embassy of Chile is the institutional representation of the Government of Chile in Finland and Estonia. The Embassy is in charge of the bilateral political affairs with these countries as well as fostering cooperative relations in various fields such as education and digitalization or cybersecurity and the promotion of economic and commercial relations. Through its Consulate, it assists Chilean residents in both countries and facilitates the processing of legal documents.