In Narva, the events of the War of Independence were commemorated with a battle reenactment and Eskola runPublished: 22.01.2019

On 19 January, one hundred years passed from the liberation of Narva in the Estonian War of Independence, which was commemorated with a battle reenactment . Additionally, Eskola run was organised in Narva, dedicated to the Finns who came to Estonia’s aid in the War of Independence.

Foto: Liis Reiman / EV100

This year, the Utria Dessant military competition ended with a battle reenactment at Kreenholm's old gate. The battle reenactment was organised by the Estonian war history club Front Line. Before the battle, historical weapons, equipment and emblems were displayed.
•    Photo gallery of the battle reenactment is available at: Photos: Liis Reiman/Estonia 100
On 19 January, Eskola run was held in Narva along the end section of the former Narva liberation route. On 18-19 January 1919, Finnish volunteers liberated Narva under the leadership of Captain Anto Eskola.
•    Photo gallery of the start of Eskola run at Narva Town Hall Square is available at: Photos: Liis Reiman/EV100



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