New centenary postage stamps perfect for sending invitations to Estonians around the worldPublished: 01.06.2017

A commemorative postage stamp “One Hundred Years of the Republic of Estonia” has been issued with a nominal value of 1 euro and 50 cents which can be used to send postcards anywhere in the world.  

Foto: Raigo Pajula

Secretary of State Heiki Loot called upon all local Estonians to post letters and cards to their friends and family living abroad to invite them to come to Estonia to join in the centenary celebrations. The first invitations were sent using the first day issue commemorative envelopes and postage stamps from Government Office to eleven Estonian communities around the globe, including a personal invitation to Sirle Sööt, Head of the Organising Committee for the Estonian World Festival ESTO 2019.
The postage stamp and first day issue envelope have been designed by Indrek Ilves, and are inspired by the Estonia 100 logo and visual identity, the blue-black-and-while Estonian flag and Estonia’s beautiful nature. The nature photo used on the stamp is the work of photographer Arne Ader. The photo includes the binary code that is used in all Estonia 100 photos and encodes a translation of the first 100 verses of the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg. A total of 600,000 postage stamps will be issued.
In 2018, one hundred years will have passed from the declaration of Estonia as an independent and democratic state. This is one of the most important and grandest milestones in the history of our nation. The Estonia 100 celebrations began in April 2017 to mark 100 years from the unification of the lands settled by Estonians, they will peak on the official 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018 and then continue with the commemoration of the most important and decisive battles in the War of Independence in 2019. The festivities will culminate in February 2020 when we mark 100 years from the signing of the Tartu Peace Treaty.
See the photo gallery from the official launch of the Estonia 100 stamp.
 Photos: Raigo Pajula 
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Head of Marketing and Communication for Estonia 100
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