Night of Ancient Bonfires

Let us light bonfires together along the coastline of the Baltic Sea at sunset on August 25!

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

The Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week ends with the magical night of ancient bonfires!

Come to the shore of the Baltic Sea at sunset on August 25 and enjoy a bonfire or light one yourself. The sea unites all of us. It is a link between our neighbours, fellow-countrymen and people from all around the Baltic Sea. 

Now is the time to think about the significance of it. The Sea must be well-kept and protected in order for own sake and for the sake of our descendants!

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MTÜ Tuleranda

MTÜ Tuleranda koondab inimesi, kes kutsuvad oma rahvast ja naabreid muinastulede öö sündmuse ajal mere äärde.