One hundred days until one hundred: dancers turn an hourglass on Freedom SquarePublished: 16.11.2017

On the evening of Thursday, 16 November, over 500 folk dancers will be turning an hourglass on Freedom Square in Tallinn. The hourglass will be formed of dancers and signify the country’s one hundred years. The event is a present from the Estonian Folk Dance and Folk Music Association for Estonia’s centenary. 


“On 16 November, exactly one hundred days will remain until Estonia’s centenary. As this is our common celebration, folk dancers want to spark the people of Estonia with anticipation and good spirits for the upcoming birthday by performing a small piece,” Kadri Tiis, member of the management board of the Estonian Folk Dance and Folk Music Association said.

During the event, more than 500 folk dancers will dance on Freedom Square to form an outline of a one-hundred-year hourglass. “Since the country will soon turn one hundred years old, we will try to turn the hourglass formed of dancers so that it will start counting down the next one hundred years,” Tiis said.

More than 500 folk dancers from across Estonia will be participating in turning the one-hundred-year hourglass. The event was choreographed and directed by Rauno Zubko.

The turning of the one-hundred-year hourglass will take place at 6 p.m. on 16 November on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

The performance is organised by the Estonian Folk Dance and Folk Music Association and the Organising Committee of Estonia 100.

2018 marks one hundred years since the founding of the Republic of Estonia. For more information about preparations and events please visit:


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