Pärnu, the birthplace of Estonia, amazes on anniversary of re-independence with new interpretationsPublished: 20.08.2018

The debut of the open-air performance “Saja-aastane öö” (“A Hundred-Year-Old Night”) on August 20 brings local heritage-based new traditional music and dance interpretations to the stage through the talent of 700 performers. During the centenary, the restoration of Estonian independence is celebrated with the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week with a programme boasting over 200 events.

Eesti Vabariigi 100. sünnipäeva auks loodud lavastus "Saja-aastane öö" etendub Pärnu Vallikäärus. Foto: Reimo Ruubel

“One of the most significant milestones in the history of Estonia was August 20, the day when the re-independence of Estonia was declared,” said Head of the Organising Committee of Estonia 100 Jaanus Rohumaa. During this centenary year, we celebrate Estonia’s “re-birthday” with the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week. We have built our country zealously and this anniversary year is the right time to enjoy the fruits of our labour,” added Rohumaa. 

According to Estonia 100 Major Events Head Margus Kasterpalu from the State Chancellery, the anniversary of the restoration of independence will be celebrated with concerts as well as other art and family events all across Estonia. “One of the most extraordinary of these events is “Saja-aastane öö” (“A Hundred-Year-Old Night”) based on the heritage of Estonia’s birthplace, Pärnu, and taking place in the Pärnu Vallikääru moat area,” specified Kasterpalu.

The open-air performance “Saja-aastane öö” (“A Hundred-Year-Old Night”) begins at 10 p.m. in the Pärnu Vallikääru moat area. New interpretations of traditional music, inspired by instrumental tunes, songs and singing games from Pärnu County will be performed by 700 artists. One can also enjoy entirely new dances choreographed specifically for the music. The concert is free of charge.

A selection of events on Day 4 of the Estonia 100 Grand Celebration Week: 
•    10 a.m. - Maarjamäe Castle Day at the History Museum. Guided tours, films and workshops for kids. A concert "Maapealne paradiis" (“Paradise on Earth”) by Lenna Kuurmaa, Liina Vahtrik ja Piret Krumm will round off the evening.
•    11 a.m. - Restoration of Independence Day Family Day at the Tallinn TV Tower. Occupational demonstrations by the Estonian Defence League, Estonian Defence Forces, Estonian Rescue Board, Police and Border Guard Board, workshops, films and more
•    12 p.m. - Festive Restoration of Independence Day Concert at Jõhvi Mihkli Church. Festive event organised by Jõhvi Parish for the whole community
•    4 p.m. - Concert tour “Mööda piiri” (“Along the Border”) arrives in Alatskivi. Police and Border Guard Orchestra performs free concerts along with well-known artists
•    5 p.m. - Concert “ÉIREESTI 1988-2018” at Raekoja plats Town Hall Square, Tallinn. Irish and Estonian musicians congratulate Estonia on the anniversary of its restoration of independence with a joint concert and celebrate also the passing of 30 years since the first Irish and Estonian cultural exchange that solidified friendship between the two countries.
•    5 p.m. - Concert at the House of the Blackheads in Tallinn with which the Ellerhein Choir and NHK Tokyo Children’s Choir congratulate Estonia on its centenary.
•    5 p.m. - Restoration of Independence Concert by Priit Peterson at Otepää Maarja Lutheran Church. Classical guitar performance of  Bach, Ponce, Lauro, Barrios. The concert is free of charge.
•    5 p.m. - Art exhibition opening – Marge Monko’s “Naer kuni pisarateni” at Vana-Võromaa Culture Chamber, which is part of the Estonia 100 arts project “Kunstnikud kogudes” (“Artists in Museums”).
•    6 p.m. - beginning of the President’s Rose Garden Reception at Kadrioru Palace, broadcast live on Estonian Television.
•    7 p.m. - Workshop for the art project “Tuleraamat” at the Narva Stronghold. Artists from Asuurkeraamika Studio work with the public from August 20-28 on a project to document messages and wishes in ceramic works of art. Workshops will take place in seven cities across Estonia.
•    9 p.m. -  start of Tour d’ÖÖ public bike tour in Pärnu. This is the fourth group bike ride commemorating the centenary.
•    Screenings of Estonian and Lithuanian films will take place during Baltic Film Days in Vilnius from August 20-22 and on August 26.

The Estonia 100 week of summer celebrations kicked off on August 17 with the first Estonian Poetry Festival in Rakvere and will come to a close August 25 with the Night of Ancient Bonfires all across Estonia. All of the more than 200 Grand Celebration Week events can be found at https://www.ev100.ee/en

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