Rakvere Gymnasium's Film Festival 2018

With the film festival we celebrate the continuing popularity of film industry among young people. They will be the ones carrying the Estonian heritage for the following hundred years.

Family event

Rakvere Gymnasium’s Film Festival (RGFF) is an annual film festival organised by young people, dating back to the 2000s. What once was a small film night now is a well-known national film festival. 2017 saw the highest number of received films. It featured 31 films, 21 from junior students (up to 19 years of age) and 10 from seniors (20-26 year olds). There were nearly 1500 people watching the Film Festival Grand Finale via DelfiTV. Spectators were both from and outside of Estonia. Every year more than 250 people come to see the final event in Rakvere Gymnasium. It is our gift to our beloved country and our greatest desire to continue introducing young people’s own creations to wider public which will then bring praise to these young people for their bold ideas.
The 2018 film festival will begin with free pre-sessions which will take place on 5-7th of February, every event starting at 18.00. The film festival culminates on the 10th of February with Grand Finale. We will be presenting 10 best films and the tickets will be on sale on Piletilevi.
As the final event of the RGFF takes place exactly two weeks before the prestigious and honorable anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, we have been inspired accordingly. We as RGFF team are inspired by the shyness and sincerity of Estonians so we use this motif on the final evening. The event hosts are people with different lifestyles and from various ages, decorative elements will be festive yet nothing too striking and the touching video clips between the films will tell stories about Estonian history. Estonians are sincere, filled with love and passion, they keep their traditions going, they respect their languge and culture. Is there any better source of inspiration than them? People, that means Estonia, Estonia means people. All films are made by talented people, judged by respectable people and shown by amazing people. Films mean Estonia, Estonia means films. RGFF - festival about people, festival about Estonia.



MTÜ Vaba Noor on asutatud 2015.aastal edendamaks ning pakkumaks noorte vaba aja veetmise ja meelelahutuse võimalusi ning kultuurilisi tegevusi eelkõige Virumaal, kuid ka üleriigiliselt ning rahvusvaheliselt. Ühingu eesmärgiks on suurendada noorte (eelkõige filmialast) teadlikkust, algatusvõimet, kodanikuaktiivsust ning ettevõtlikkust.