Republic of Estonia 100 – A Modern State

This forum of the jurisprudence analyzes life in Estonia in its hundredth year, where it's headed to and what to expect from a modern state.


The conference offers discussions on various questions that arise with the evolution of a modern state. The two days are divided into more than 10 sections with experienced moderators and more than 70 speakers.

The programme of the 35th Estonian Lawyers' Days includes talks on technology of the constitution, artificial intelligence at the service of a lawyer, protection of human rights in the digital age, legal language, taxation of technology, medicine and penal law (strict liability vs. better quality) and many more. The event will have a look at the past but also talk of the coming challenges that the modern technology will pose for governing Estonia.

The Estonian Lawyers Union, Estonian Academic Law Society, Ministry of Justice, the Government Office of Estonia, Supreme Court, the Office of the Chancellor of Justice, School of Law of the University of Tartu, Iuridicum Foundation, Estonian Bar Association, Office of the Prosecutor General, Chamber of Notaries, the Estonian Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tartu, School of Governance, Law and Society of the Tallinn University  have all contributed to make the event a success.


Sihtasutus Iuridicum

Sihtasutus Iuridicum on ajakirjade Juridica ja Juridica International väljaandja ning Põhiseaduse kommenteeritud veebiväljaande teostaja. Eesti õigusteadlaste päevade korraldamises osaleb sihtasutus 2003. aastast.