Robotics family day "Child in the role of a robotics teacher"

Our gift for Estonia 100 is a family robotics day to bring closer together children and their parents as well as Estonian and Russian youth through robotics-related activities.

A two-hour robotics family day will be held in October 2017 to provide both Estonian- and Russian-speaking children and youth aged 5 to 13 and their parents with the opportunity of spending a shared day and engage with robotics.

The family day will provide parents with a better picture about their children’s recreational activities and an opportunity to find out about these robotics kits: Lego WeDo1, lego WeDo2, Ev3, Makeblock, Ozobot, Beebot and Strawbees. Also children with no prior exposure to robotics will be welcome at the robotics family day event.

The event will be held in Tallinn and outdoors in fine weather.


Nutigeen Huvikool