Scala cromatica - international graphics exhibition

A gift to Estonia - international graphics exhibition showing Estonian and Hungarian artists

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

In 2018, Estonia is celebrating its centenary, its 100 years of independence. As a gift to this windblown country we´re organizing a graphics exhibition in Budapest.

Estonia is a country of fairies and forests. Its people love their peace and quiet, they long for forest trails and tunes of sea. Yet there is this little spark hidden in every Estonian that never fades. And this little spark is what we want to introduce to the Hungarian viewers.

We have invited 10 Estonian and 5 Hungarian graphic artists to congratulate Estonia together. The exhibition is meant for all the Estonians in Hungary who are missing out on the festivities at home and to all other art lovers, who would like to get acquainted with that country.

The title of the show Scala cromatica is inspired by a melody of Arvo Pärt, our world-famous composer. In physics “chromatic” means colorful, related to color. All colors are chromatic, expect those belonging to black and white scale. In music, the meaning related to the scale that consists only of semitones.


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Scala cromatica