See, which children and youth projects related to exercise habits or nature received support Published: 26.05.2016

The results of the round of applications for children and youth projects related to exercise habits or nature, organised by Estonia 100 and National Foundation of Civil Society are now public. Eight interesting projects received support. 

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Moving Estonia 2.0 (NGO Dietoloog)
The project “Liigutav Eesti” or “Moving Estonia” is going to be developed further to motivate more people to make a card for Estonia by “drawing” a message or image on a road- or landscape map using a mobile app or GPS tracker, which can then be saved and uploaded to a social media site. The step-by-step guide is available on a ''Moving Estonia'' Facebook page
Additional information: Lisanna Elm,

A youth quiz called ''Estonian Nature and Animals'' (NGO Eesti Vene Kultuurikoda) 
The NGO is planning to organise a programme introducing Estonian nature and animals to young people by implementing competitions and quizzes. The aim of the project is to make nature attractive and interesting for young people.  
Additional information: Marina Tee,

Dream Team (ATO Spordiklubi or ATO Sports Club)
Dream Team is an adventurous competition aimed at 11 – 16 year old young people. The aim is to give them an opportunity to be creative and implement their knowledge and physical activity when solving different tasks.  
Additional information: Tarmo Rahuoja,, 

Children To Play And Learn In School Yards! (MTÜ Eesti Rohelised Koolihoovid or NGO Estonian Green Schoolyards)
The NGO “Estonian Green Schoolyards’’ wishes to create interesting and attractive school yards where children will want to spend their time. Fifteen Estonian schools will participate in the project this year. 
Additional information: Siiri Treufeld,

Estonia 100 School Springs (Eesti Loodushariduse Selts or Estonian Nature Education Society)
The society wishes to relocate the 3700 fresh water springs across Estonia that were located for the 20th jubilee of the Republic of Estonia in 1936 and create a unique online database of them. Schools across Estonia would have their own spring to take care of and study.  
Additional information: Peep Tobreluts,

The Treasury of Estonian Plants (Tartu Ülikool or University of Tartu)
''The Treasury of Estonian Plants'' („Eesti taimevaramu“) is a joint initiative by Estonian public schools and research institutes to collect and exhibit Estonian botanical diversity and promote the environmental awareness among the young generation. 
Additional information: Vallo Mulk, 

Races Around 100 Lakes (MTÜ Tarvastu Kool or NGO School of Tarvastu)
There are over 1000 lakes in Estonia and races have been organised around a lot of them. The aim of the project is to locate new and interesting racing routes in different counties and create a series of races called ''Races around 100 Lakes''. A documentary will be made about 100 Estonian lakes and young people enjoying going in for sports.  
Additional information: Anne Põldsaar,

Does a Wolf Have Cubs or Puppies? (MTÜ Eesti Avatud Noortekeskuste Ühendus or NGO Estonian Youth Centre Accociation)
The hiking project starts in May 2017 when 100 youth centres across Estonia will hold a short hike in their neighbourhood. In June to October 2017, longer distances will be covered - Oandu-Ikla 275 km and Peraküla-Ähijärve 820 km hiking trails. Each youth centre will cover a short distance of the hiking trail. 
Additional information: Kristi Kruus,

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