Share stories about Estonia to the whole world

Centenary is the perfect time to tell about Estonia to the world. We are sure you know stories about places in your country. Tell them in any language and invite people to visit these places.

Storyspot is a place where you can create and share stories of places and spots in all over the world.

Are you a citizen of Estonia and live there? Do you live abroad but originally you are from Estonia? Are you a tourist who had a wonderful time in Estonia?
Then we are sure you know stories about places and spots in this country. And we have a gift for you and your country. Now you can create and share stories about Estonia using Storyspot app or website! This is a chance to tell about your country to the whole world in your experience and from your point of view.

What might be stories about?
And everything you could even think of.

Family time:
Storyspot gives you an opportunity to invite your old relatives who do not use technologies to participate and tell stories. It is the perfect time to ask your parents and grandparents about what was different in your country many years ago.
We are sure they know a lot of specific stories about important moments of the country's history during last 100 years. Or did they participate in historical events? You can record it! Append the history of Estonia by creating and sharing stories in any language you know at Storyspot!

How to participate?
- Download the app on the Google Play or App Store;
- Create an Account;
- Record the story directly into the app, or upload an audio file you previously recorded.

How does it work?
We have made instructions to show you how to create stories:
- App (;
- Website (

Have any questions, suggestions or want to collaborate with us?
Contact Coordinator of the Centenary Campaign via e-mail

We want to create a library of stories about Estonia after 1 year and share it to the world. So we kindly invite all of you to create stories and share it on Storyspot. You are welcome!



Storyspot is a place (app, website) where you can tell and share stories abot places and spots all over the world.