Special courses themed on Estonia 100 at Tartu Folk High School

Tartu Folk High School will be celebrating Estonia’s anniversary with a series of courses dedicated to this event, alongside the 30th anniversary of the school.

1. Let us paint our oaks to become even more famous!
The summer of 2017 will see attendees of painting courses at the Folk High School, hike with their instructor, the painter Aime Asi, around Estonia and paint our famous oaks. The idea is to display the works at a travelling exhibition in February and March 2018, at Elva Cultural Centre and definitely many other locations as well.

2. The Estonian way is to show the portraits of all the presidents at the same time!
In November and December 2017, Vanemuise Concert Hall will host an exhibition of the portraits of the Presidents of the Republic of Estonia. All the paintings have been created by attendees of courses at the Folk High School. Presidents depicted in the paintings: Konstantin Päts, Lennart Meri, Arnold Rüütel, Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Kersti Kaljulaid.
Instructor: painter Robert Suvi. The portraits of the presidents are also scheduled for a touring exhibition at major cultural institutions in early 2018.

3. A proper Estonia sips from an Estonia 100 mug!
People are invited to attend our Estonia 100 ceramics course. This extraordinary ceramics course will see everyone produce their own unique clay mug, just the kind they want! The mugs will be glazed and fired in a kiln for ceramics. And, most importantly, the mugs will be definitely decorated with the logo of Estonia 100. Instructor: ceramicist Eva Krivonogova.

4. You can never have too much of patriotic sweets!
We will run a workshop on making blue-black-and-white divinity cakes. How to make fluffy divinity and give it the Estonian colours? Are natural colouring agents suitable for this? Which ones? Every attendee will get a personal patriotic divinity cake to take home with them!

Keep an eye on information, as the list of courses dedicated to Estonia 100 is being updated!

1. Maalime meie tammed veel kuulsamaks! 2017 aasta suvel matkavad rahvaülikooli maalikursuslased koos juhendaja kunstnik Aime Asiga Eestimaal ja maalivad meie kuulsaid tammesid. Tööde näitus on avatud vaatamiseks veebruaris ja märtsis 2018 Elva Kultuurikeskuses. 2. Eestile on kombeks kõikide presidentide portreed korraga! 2017 aasta november-detsember toimub Vanemuise Kontserdimajas Eesti Vabariigi presidentide portreede näitus. Portreedega on 2018 alguses plaanis näitusturnee ka teistes suuremates kultuuriasutustes. 3. Õige eestlane rüüpab EV100 kruusist! EV100 keraamikakursus toimub novembris 2017 . Palun jälgi meie kodulehte www.rahvaylikool.ee 4. Isamaalist maiust pole kunagi liiga palju! Sefiiritortide töötuba toimub oktoobris 2017. Palun jälgi meie kodulehte www.rahvaylikool.ee


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