Tallinn Summer School in St Petersburg - Experimental Interaction Design: Designing wearable technologies for performative arts

Estonia has developed world leading solutions in IT and digital services, and we are keen to share our experiences and expertise worldwide.


The Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018. In order to celebrate this wonderful occasion, the Republic of Estonia is organising lots of different events in and outside of Estonia.

With the support of the Estonia 100 programme, Tallinn University, Tallinn Summer School, and ITMO University are offering a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia by participating in a summer school course “Experimental Interaction Design: Designing wearable technologies for performative arts.” 

The main goal of the course is to empower people to shape their digital environments thus providing a new level of digital literacy. This edition of the course focuses on Neurotheatre, a specific type of interactive theatre, where audience and/or actors can communicate via brain and neural computer interfaces using multimodal sensors and actuators.

The course introduces core design and interaction design topics in a provocative stance, inviting participants to reflect upon ongoing shifts, connections, and re-framings in just about every area of interaction design, and inciting a rebellion against passivity. This is complemented with the development of skills in systematic evaluation of usability and user experience of interaction designs. 

On 26th August at 17:00 there is an opening lecture for the Experimental Interaction Design course on Neurotheatre at New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre (open for everyone!). On 31th August at 21:00 there will also be demos and presentations of the course works at New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre (open for everyone!).

More information about the opening lecture: http://summerschool.tlu.ee/open_petersburg/

More information about the course and registration: http://summerschool.tlu.ee/russia 


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