Tallinn Summer School in Tbilisi - Small States in the Changing World Order Course

Estonia is a great example of a small state, which has been successful on the world stage, and we are proud to share our experience and expertise.


The Republic of Estonia celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018. In order to celebrate this wonderful occasion, the Republic of Estonia is organising lots of different events in and outside of Estonia.

With the support of the Estonia 100 programme, Tallinn University, Tallinn Summer School, and Tbilisi State University are offering a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Estonia in Georgia by participating in a summer school course “Small States in the Changing World Order” led by Tallinn University Associate Professor of International Relations Matthew Crandall.

The goal of the course is to give an overview of small states and the challenges they face in the changing world order. The course will focus on the vulnerability and resiliency of small states to the ongoing changes in the world order.

The course begins with defining the small state and overviewing the small state literature. The course then looks at case studies of the different challenges small states face due to the changing world order. The global flow of capital, open economies, and geopolitics will all be discussed. Conclusions on how the changing world order impacts vulnerability and resiliency will be discussed.

On 13th June at 19:00 there is a public lecture: “Security Strategies for Small States in the Era of Trump: Challenges and Opportunities” (open for anyone interested in the topic). Following the open lecture, there will be an Estonian Evening to give all guests and course participants a chance to get to know more about Estonian culture and celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

More information, programme and registration: http://summerschool.tlu.ee/georgia


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