Ten organisations announce their gifts for Estonia’s centenaryPublished: 13.05.2016

On May 11th, ten organisations introduced their gifts for Estonia’s centenary at the Estonia 100 Day held at the Estonian Centre of Architecture.

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The Estonia 100 programme consists of three parts – commemorative events, the jubilee celebrations of the various Estonian state institutions and gifts to Estonia by the people and friends of Estonia. The Estonia 100 day focused on announcements by different organisations on what gifts they intend to give Estonia for its upcoming centenary.

One of the gifts for Estonia is a pop-up sailing school ’’Friend of the Sea’’ that the Estonian Yachting Union will launch this year – which is also being celebrated as the Year of Maritime Culture in Estonia – and that will run until 2018 when Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary. According to the director of the sailing school, the aim of the gift is to establish a more solid friendship between children and the sea and help make Estonia an even stronger maritime country.

Siiri Treufeld from an NGO “Estonian Green Schoolyards’’ (MTÜ Eesti Rohelised Koolihoovid) emphasised how important it is to create interesting and attractive school yards where children will want to spend their time. Fifteen Estonian schools will participate in the project this year. “Schools are very interested in participating in the project and we hope to expand it over the next few years,’’ Treufeld said.

Kadri Lainas from Healthy Estonia Foundation (Terve Eesti SA) introduced “Teomeeter’’, a development accelerator to measure our deeds. Lainas noted that Estonia is the aggregate of what each and every one of us does – or doesn’t do. “Teomeeter’’ is an application that measures and values the impact of individual, small deeds on society. It’s a game that will make Estonia safer, healthier and happier’’ Lainas said. Through “Teomeeter’’, anyone can give a gift to Estonia by doing good deeds.

NGO Estonian Photographic Heritage Society (MTÜ Eesti Fotopärand has created a virtual environment called ’’Ajapaik’’ or “Place in Time” that enables viewers to see how specific places have changed over the past century. Previously only museum and other official photos could be uploaded, but now photos from personal collections are also accepted in the system. Everyone is invited to contribute photos taken at historic sites to help demonstrate how they have changed over time.

Merit Kopli, Editor-in-Chief of Estonia’s largest daily newspaper Postimees spoke about the role of Postimees in the birth of the Republic of Estonia. The Eesti Meedia media group’s gift to Estonia will be free coverage of all social campaign projects during the celebration period.

There are already more than 200 events and gifts in the Estonia 100 programme. The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia will be celebrated from April 2017 to February 2020. Everyone can actively participate in the jubilee programme by organising an event or giving Estonia a gift. 


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