Vienna welcomes augmented reality street artist Edward von Lõngus with police carsPublished: 09.08.2018

Mysterious street artist Edward von Lõngus landed in Vienna, bringing his augmented reality artworks here as part of the (R)estart Reality tour to celebrate the 100th birthday of his home country, Estonia. Three police patrols took an active interest in the artist´s work while he was out in the city working during the night – leaving with pockets packed with augmented reality stickers and recommending the artist to keep up the good work.

Edward von Lõngus (EvL) visited Vienna as part of Calle Libre, an international festival of street art and urban aesthetics annually held in the capital city of Austria. (R)estart Reality perfectly fits the aims of the festival to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas focused around urban art. It´s a novel concept of public space art that bridges past and the present through creative technologies. Inspired by Estonia´s past, von Lõngus’ s artworks depict quirky century-old characters that travel through time and come to life through augmented reality, under the curious gaze of passers-by.  


 “We think EvL’s work brings an interactive perspective into the production and perception of street art. We’re particularly impressed by his integration of technology and new media, which opens a forward-looking perspective into street art. With his multilayered stencils, he pops out from traditional stencils and throw-ups, while integrating them as the perfect backdrop to Vienna’s districts. We particularly appreciate the historical relevance of his figures is especially relatable.” comments Marina Bartoletti, one of the organisers of Calle Libre.


The augmented reality artworks can be seen Felberstrasse 110Amonstiege and Museumsquartier, Breite Gasse 4 in Vienna. EvL also made new works specially for Vienna. A new work named “Laundry Day”, for example, is located at Arne-Carlsson-Park. The stencil work is placed on a wall filled with graffiti and paste-ups and it is up to the viewer to figure out whether the work is an invitation to clean up the walls or a form of dialogue with the local artists, or carries some other meaning.


Local street artist Chinagirl Tile says: “EvL´s work brings diversity to our city. The Austrian street art and graffiti scene is not very big and lately I have been missing artworks on the streets that are political or have messages. EvL brings a much needed fresh input into the city and opens up a new dialogue within the scene.”


(R)estart Reality is an innovative art project implemented by Estonian contemporary art platform as part of the Estonia 100 international programme. Download the augmented reality app at or directly from AppStore or Google Play and try it out - the app also works on photos!

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