Virtual reality conference

The aim of the conference is to connect different VR developers, investors, incubators, accelerators and enthusiasts from Estonia and other Nordic countries.


Virtual reality (VR) is a fast-growing industry. However, operating in this sector requires domain-specific knowledge and skills. Both Estonia and Finland have their own VR communities, who interact closely within themselves; cooperation between nations is still in its infancy. We believe that a conference aimed at the VR professionals will improve international communications.

We also aim to bring our local developers more into the spotlight and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent on a larger stage. The focus of the conference is on different VR talks, workshops and networking. Through marketing we also aim to spread the word about VR to the average consumer.

The event will further establish Estonia as an e-country. VR is one of the more innovative technologies of recent history, and using it for real practical purposes on a nationwide scale set a precedent and be a good example to other countries. We already have many VR-related companies in Estonia, now we must spread that influence abroad.

The event is supported by EV100 and the Presidency of the Council of the EU international programme.


Tuleviku Tehnoloogiate Sihtasutus

The Association for Future Technologies is the third sectors response to the question: "How is the society preparing for new technologies?" Such technologies include artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, virtual reality - topics that today seem like science fiction to many, but in fact already exist. All these technologies have the potential to impact our society in the near future. The result of the disruption depends on how smart and knowledable the given society is. The association works towards future technologies having the most positive possible effect on the Estonian society, that the implementations would be reasonable and strategic.