Visit Baltic Manors

More than 130 historic manors and castles in three Baltic countries open their doors to the visitors in summer 2018 as a joint event of manor associations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

While celebrating centenaries of the Baltic countries, the associations of manors and castles of three countries unite to demonstrate symbolic continuation of the Baltic chain. The range of manors open to the visitors in 2018 is outstanding. Visitors are invited to manors already well-known for their professional restoration, interesting museums, excellent services or high level cultural activities. But there are many more to explore, small or big, in better or worse condition. Each and every of them is a testimony of bygone times and is already or has a potential to influence the cultural and economic development of the area.

The campaign is organized by Estonian Manor Association, Estonian Manor School Association, Latvian Association of Castles, Palaces and Manors and Lithuanian Association of Castles and Manors.

The aim of the visitor campaign is to open a huge variety of manors throughout the whole summer and therefore the number of open manors varies day by day. It is important to check always out which manors are open on the day of Your travel. Information on the open manors, opening hours and events will be available from Mid- May.

Visitors are invited to collect stamps or stickers for every visit on a participant card available in every participating manor. Everyone collecting more than 5stickers from home country and 10 from neighbors will participate in the lottery of awards.


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Eesti Mõisakoolide Ühendus

Eesti Mõisakoolide Ühendus koondab ajaloolistes mõisahoonetes tegutsevaid koole ja lasteaedu. Läbi sajandi on kool olnud 300s mõisas, praegu on neid alles 70. Loe lähemalt