Estonia 100 logo and its use

A creative contest was announced in July 2016 to develop the visual identity of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The winning design by the concept and design company Identity is “Aastasada ja tasakaal”, or “Century and Balance”. The Estonia 100 logo “Aastasada” (“Century”) makes creative use of the numbers 18 and 100 to symbolise the one hundred years of our self-determination.

The Estonia 100 logo files can be downloaded here. The conditions of use of the Estonia 100 logo can be found here. 

The following could use the Estonia 100 logo in their communications:

  1. Organisations and individuals who made a gift to Estonia as part of the Estonia 100 programme;
  2. Organisers of events in the Estonia 100 programme;
  3. Supporters of gifts and/or events in the Estonia 100. When using the logo, supporters had to refer to the specific gift and/or event;
  4. Organisations and individuals for the purpose of marketing Estonia 100;
  5. Companies offering products and services in honour of Estonia’s centenary. Gifts and events were considered to be part of the Estonia 100 programme if they were included on the Estonia 100 website as an Estonia 100 gift or event.

Use of the logo to earn revenue (e.g. on product packaging/labels):
Companies could use the Estonia 100 logo on a product in exchange for a donation to an Estonia 100 gift or event from the sales revenue from the product. Companies could choose one of the gifts on the Estonia 100 website or create a gift or event of their own. Any initiative that brings joy and helps create a better future for Estonians was suitable as a gift, and gifts that would brighten the lives of our children and young people are particularly welcomed. All companies were invited to submit an application to use the Estonia 100 logo, and no exclusive agreements were made.

Requirements for Estonia 100 products:
Products bearing the Estonia 100 centenary logo had to be of high quality. They could be established, popular products in new centenary packaging or new products developed especially for the celebrations.

The logo could not be used on alcohol or tobacco products or for their marketing.
What did companeis need to do to use the Estonia 100 logo?

  1. Become familiar with the various ways to contribute to the Estonia 100 programme on the website;
  2. Choose a suitable product or service to develop into a centenary product;
  3. Choose how the gift will be made and develop the gift;
  4. Enter into a contract with Estonia 100;
  5. Develop an innovative product solution (product, packaging, communication message)
  6. Obtain approval for this solution from Estonia 100;
  7. Launch the product or service;
  8. Submit a report.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to