(R)estart Reality: Digital Street Art

All over Europe, unique and distinctively Estonian characters from ca 100 years ago are brought to new life by Edward von Lõngus and augmented reality technologies, exploring life & people around them

Family event
Wheelchair friendly

To celebrate its 100-year birthday and upcoming EU Presidency, Estonia is making a present to a number of capital cities in Europe. Artworks combining street art and digital technologies will give a new life to a range of colourful characters from a hundred years ago, building a bridge between the past and the present.

At first sight positioned as observers on the streets of a foreign country, they will invite passers-by to get to know them better via smartphones and tablets. Augmented reality technology will wake our characters to life.

Ats#Pets, an ˈelectricˈ bagpipe duo from Tarvastu, will be jamming on the streets of Paris. Lembit, the King of the Hill, who speaks the ancient language of stones and knows all the secrets stored in rocks, observes life in Copenhagen. 'Digital nomads' Tiit and Miina, who spent some time stuck in a mail server after a malfunction of a self-built teleportation device, reappear in London.

It´s a novel concept of public space art that through creative technologies and humour tells a story that all Europeans are all part of. Dressed to impress and equipped with props from their own time, our time-travellers are happy to make friends with passers-by and perhaps also teach the people around them something new and quirky.



NOAR.eu kunstikeskkond pakub ühtset platvormi Eesti ja Baltikumi kaasaegse kunsti paremikule, koondades ca 2000 teost enam kui 200 erinevalt kunstnikult. Lisaks juhib NOAR erinevaid projekte, mille ühiseks nimetajaks on kunsti ja laiema publiku kohtumine, sh avalikus ruumis (nt Tallinn Art Week, avaliku ruumi kunst Tartu tulevases nutilinnaosas ja Ülemiste Citys, Eesti Vabariigi 100. juubeli ja EL eesistumise digitänavakunstiprojekt erinevates Euroopa pealinnades koostöös Edward von Lõngusega jpm).