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Estonia 100 Theatre Series "Tale of The Century"

01. August 2017 19:00
09. March 2018 22:00
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''Tale of The Century'' is a theatre production project where the past 100 years of Estonian history will be told in 13 plays.

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Pop-up sailing school “Friends of the Sea”

The pop-up sailing school “Friends of the Sea” is one of many gifts that are being given to Estonia in honour of its centenary. This project is fuelled by the dream that thousands of children and youth in Estonia will forge a closer friendship with the sea in honour of Estonia 100.

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Trad.Attack!: "All around Europe" tour

11. July 2017
05. August 2017
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Trad.Attack! is celebrating the grandest event in Estonian history with a concert tour, All around Europe, performing in EU member states.

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Estonia 100: A Party in Every Village

Every town, village, and community will have an opportunity to choose a day in 2018 to host its very own 100th birthday party for the Republic of Estonia.

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